Chemicals, Food, Food Contact & Cosmetics

Substance-level Regulatory Content  

Despite efforts at international harmonization, chemicals and products containing them are regulated inconsistently throughout the world. Product manufacturers often need to track thousands of regulations across various jurisdictions to ensure products are compliant globally. 3E's Ariel® Global Research team, consisting of international, multi-lingual experienced product stewards, industrial hygienists, attorneys, chemists, food scientists, chemical engineers & MSDS / SDS experts, can track regulations and provide the information in a useable format. Every day, our team tracks changes to requirements, analyzes business impacts, and converts regulations and legislation into usable and structured data.

Ariel Content provides the relevant substance-level regulatory data relating to chemicals, food, food additives and flavors, food contact and cosmetics, along with the rules, phrases and templates required to meet legal requirements and provide accurate documentation for chemicals and products.

Ariel content:

  • Provides extensive coverage of hundreds of thousands of regulated substances throughout the world
  • Is constantly updated and expanded
  • Is used by more than 300 multi-national organizations, including seven of the world's top ten chemical manufacturers
  • Is categorized into geographical regions, enabling the subscription to all, or portions of the collection, based on business needs
  • Includes Generic Chemical Categories, which identify regulatory requirements for chemicals that are not specifically named in regulations, but are regulated under a generic classification as members of broad regulatory classes 

Who Needs This Content and Why?


Research and Development
Regulatory Compliance Specialists
Product Safety Specialists
Hazard Communication Specialists
Industrial Hygienists
Material and Emissions Specialists
Quality Assurance
Transportation and Logistics Specialists
Marketing and Sales



For What

MSDS / SDS Authoring
Import validation
Product labeling
New chemical notifications
Product registrations
Product compliance
Export notifications
Inventory reporting
Supplier questionnaires
Risk and safety assessments
Substance classifications
Hazard assessments
Environmental compliance
Workplace safety compliance

Content Delivery - How is the Data Accessed?

Ariel content is available via web-based regulatory research tools and integrated content solutions.

Web-based Regulatory Research Tools

Ariel WebInsight - A subscription-based online regulatory reference tool with an easy-to-use interface with robust search, query, reporting and analysis features.

ArielLogic for Food & Flavors - A subscription-based online regulatory management tool offering centralized access to current global food and flavor additive regulations.

Integrated Content Solutions

Ariel Content Solutions for SAP® EHS – A suite of solutions for seamless integration of substance-level content, supplier data, rules, phrases and templates for SAP EHSM.

Ariel Content Solutions for SAP MM - Solutions for seamless integration of material-specific data in SAP Material Master.

Ariel Integrated Content Solutions - Enables seamless integration of chemical regulatory data into diverse, custom, open corporate EH&S systems, including custom systems as well as many systems with which we partner.

Content is packaged in modules covering geographical regions:

  • North America
  • Western Europe
  • Central & Eastern Europe
  • Latin America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East/Africa
  • Global Inventories