Phys/Chem Tox, Eco-tox

Companies today are challenged with managing the impact of chemicals on their workers, the community, and the environment. EH&S professionals are tasked with understanding chemical formulations and evaluating the validity and accuracy of chemical information of the components used in the products they manufacture.

To meet this challenge, 3E® provides a comprehensive set of scientific data - used by MSDS / SDS authors, toxicologists, environmental scientists and engineers, product stewards, physicians and others with EH&S responsibilities - to assist in the identification of hazards and ultimately make decisions related to the safety of the products they manufacture.

Physical, Chemical, Toxicological, Eco-Toxicological Content (PCTEC Plus)

3E's comprehensive collection of chemical property and hazard data and documents includes information for hundreds of endpoints and hundreds of thousands of substances. The data is available both in a web-based reference format (Ariel® WebInsight) and as a data feed to be integrated into ERP, EHS and other corporate systems. The content is used in the creation of compliance documents such as MSDSs / SDSs, in Rules (e.g. to calculate GHS classifications) and can be used to determine greener product alternatives. List of sources include the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), European Chemical Agency (ECHA), US Department of Defense (DOD), US Department of Agriculture (USDA), Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), National Toxicology Program (NTP), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), International Labor Organization (ILO) and many more.

Content Delivery - How is the Data Accessed?

Ariel data and content tools include web-based reference products and system-integrated access.

Ariel WebInsight - A subscription-based online regulatory reference tool with an easy-to-use interface with robust search, query, reporting and analysis features.

Ariel Content Solutions for SAP® EHS – A suite of solutions for seamless integration of substance-level content, supplier data, rules, phrases and templates for SAP EHSM.

Ariel Integrated Content Solutions - Enables seamless integration of chemical regulatory data into diverse, custom, open corporate EH&S systems, including custom systems as well as many systems with which we partner.