Supply Chain Documentation

Complex regulatory obligations combined with market drivers from emerging Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability initiatives and pressure from downstream customers have driven companies to demand more detailed information about the products and suppliers they are sourcing.

For companies caught in the middle, understanding the compliance status and origins of the products, suppliers, and components in your supply chain is a critical aspect of managing your regulatory obligations, communicating to key stakeholders, and mitigating supply chain risk.

Collecting Information a Challenge

Managing supply chain documentation from suppliers, such as material disclosures, substance declarations, compliance certificates, and certificates of origin can be a time-consuming, resource-intensive, and painstaking task. 3E® has long been the established world leader of supplier data collection and compliance information services.

3E has learned from decades of experience that successful supplier cooperation and data obtainment requires both the science of technology approach and art of the human touch. Our dedicated team of obtainment specialists has mastered this art and implemented business rules and best practices that significantly increases supplier participation, shortens response times and optimizes cost. 3E’s global focus means that we are able to communicate with suppliers across the world in their language and time zone.

Supplier Engagement

Creating value-added sustained relationships with your suppliers is part of 3E’s core values. 3E’s Supply Chain Compliance Solution leverages existing relationships with close to 100,000 global suppliers and more than 25 years of obtainment experience to obtain critical information from suppliers in a timely and efficient manner. 3E proactively works with these suppliers to educate them on obligations, what data is needed and how to provide it. 

3E collects and manages a large dossier of product compliance and risk related data and documentation to ensure accurate and up-to-date information when you need it. This includes:

  • Ingredient Disclosures
  • Substance Declarations
  • Certificates of Compliance
  • Conflict Mineral Reporting Templates
  • Certificates of Origin
  • SDSs
  • and much more

Technology Platform for Data Access

3E’s award winning Supply Chain Compliance platform, 3ESC™, provides companies with instant accessibility to their supply chain data along with analytical tools needed to identify and avoid costly disruptions due to non-compliance, supplier failures, or the inability to provide information downstream to your customers. Learn more about the 3ESC platform.