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3E Company’s New Green Product Analyzer Facilitates the Development and Selection of Safer, More Environmentally Friendly Products
Offers instant access to the critical information needed to support emerging sustainability initiatives

Friday, March 19, 2010

3E Company®, the leading provider of environmental health and safety (EH&S) compliance and information management services, today introduced its innovative new Green Product Analyzer (GPA).  The 3E GPA supports emerging sustainability and green initiatives by providing access to the critical data and information needed to quickly assess the EH&S sustainability footprint of chemical products and aid in the development and selection of safer and more environmentally friendly products. 

The 3E GPA generates extremely valuable information that enables companies to quickly assess the sustainability footprint of their raw materials or finished goods, compares products to evaluate more environmentally friendly alternatives for greener purchasing decisions and creates a simple baseline methodology to measure improvement.  The system offers users access to 3E Company’s chemical profiles and substance data to analyze and compare products by toxicity, environmental impact, use type and cost.  The result is a systematic assessment of a product’s toxic footprint and tools that facilitate better, more informed purchasing decisions and help communicate impact and progress of sustainability goals to internal or external stakeholders   

Users can utilize pre-determined criteria to calculate ratings and group products into categories and even include material costs to create direct and meaningful comparisons.  One of the most innovative capabilities of the 3E GPA is its ability to facilitate the customization of the scoring system.  While green procurement and product evaluation are important to companies, without a standard it can be difficult to develop and implement a successful green program.  The 3E GPA provides a baseline scoring methodology that can be completely customized to suit the needs of a company or industry. The 3E GPA is user-friendly and flexible, and offers the knowledge needed to evolve sustainability programs from a concept to execution.  The 3E GPA supports corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability initiatives by allowing users to track and manage their chemical inventories and ensures that the materials being used conform to corporate initiatives related to purchase, storage, transportation, handling, recycling and disposal of safer, greener products.   

“As sustainability and green initiatives emerge as top priorities for the enterprise, many companies need assistance with EH&S compliance management and product stewardship, which are the fundamental and critical cornerstones of these initiatives,” said Isaac Powell, Product Manager, 3E Company.  “We are proud to offer a practical solution that helps companies to start reducing their toxic footprint and develop better products, while more efficiently and cost-effectively managing the full spectrum of their hazard communication and product stewardship requirements.” 

The 3E GPA is available immediately.  Pricing is based on an annual subscription rate. 

About 3E Company
3E Company is the first company to provide a comprehensive suite of services for environmental, health and safety (EH&S) related chemical and hazardous materials information and compliance management that addresses the entire chemical lifecycle. This suite of services includes regulatory research; MSDS authoring, distribution and management; transportation; emergency response; training; regulatory reporting; and hazardous waste management. 3E has the industry leading combination of a 24-7-365 hazmat mission control call center, with an online platform for hazmat compliance information management, all built on a foundation of the world's premier hazardous substance database of global regulatory and compliance information. Its international, multi-lingual professional staff is composed of regulatory specialists, experienced product stewards, industrial hygienists, attorneys, chemists and chemical engineers, MSDS experts and EH&S systems consultants.

3E's services offer a cost effective program for global regulatory compliance management by alleviating the pain, managing risk, increasing the efficiency and enhancing staff productivity and enabling EH&S professionals to focus on more strategic functions. Today more than 7,000 customers have partnered with 3E including Costco Wholesale Corporation, America West, Eastman Chemical, Temple-Inland, Menasha and PacifiCorp. 3E was founded in 1988 and is the recipient of the 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2006 Commitment to Worker Safety Awards in Online and MSDS Services from Compliance Magazine, which also recognized 3E Online-MSDS in 2005 with an Award of Excellence for its Best of the Web Awards. The privately held company is headquartered in Carlsbad, CA with additional operations in Massillon, OH, Bethesda, MD, Kingsport, TN, Montreal, Quebec and Copenhagen, Denmark. For more information on 3E Company, visit
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