Content Solutions for SAP® EHS

Ariel® Content Solutions for Integration with SAP® EHS

Managing a compliance program is no easy task given the complexities associated with compliance on a global scale. Therefore, 3E offers content solutions for integration with SAP® EHS, a sophisticated, highly integrated compliance module of SAP used by many companies as the basis for their global chemical regulatory compliance program.

"We needed a system capable of global expansion to realize a world-class chemical substance management organization. It was really the compatibility with domestic and foreign regulations and with environmental safety data provided by 3E Company that sold us on SAP EHS Management."

- Masayuki Enomoto, Environment and Safety Manager, Responsible Care Office, Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd.

3E Company answers these challenges through its Ariel® line of data and decision support solutions that facilitate increased operational efficiencies, informed decision-making and consistent compliance practices throughout the enterprise.

The full benefits of SAP can be better optimized when comprehensive content is integrated and accessible from the system. 3E's data and content set is industry-leading and unsurpassed. It is the broadest, most dynamically updated, highest quality and most accurate collection of content, bar none.

Even more value is realized when we apply our expertise, best practices and business rules to the data. 3E has more than two decades of experience providing critical EH&S services to global customers. Our professionals have deep domain expertise and many are recognized as industry thought leaders. 3E is distinct as a provider with the unique and powerful combination of sourcing our own content and developing the underlying technology to deliver it, all with our own employees who have direct contact with the content and our customers.

Ariel Regulatory Content - Its the Content That Counts!

At the core of all 3E products and services is the massive global regulatory content aggregated, refined and maintained by 3E's own team using documented best practice methodology, and through direct relationships with regulatory bodies across the globe.

More than 300 multi-national organizations, including 70% of the world's largest chemical manufacturers, rely on Ariel's up-to-date, accurate, multi-lingual content on a daily basis. The breadth of countries covered and depth of regulatory and legislative information provided offer unprecedented support for identifying, monitoring and complying with ever changing EH&S requirements. Learn more about our collection of content. Available modules include:

Ariel Data Manager® (ADM) – EHSAP

ADM-EHSAP ("ee-sap") seamlessly integrates Ariel regulatory substance data with SAP EHS. Comprehensive, centralized global chemical and regulatory information is needed to ensure overall product and facility compliance. ADM-EHSAP provides necessary information for making critical decisions when manufacturing and marketing products, such as:

  • Developing sustainable products that doesn't pose unnecessary risk to human health and the environment
  • Ensuring products can be shipped and sold in the intended markets
  • Classifying substances and products according to the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) and other classification schemes
  • Generating compliant Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs / SDSs)
  • Identifying the correct disclosure requirements and exposure limits for ingredients used in the manufacturing process
  • Ensuring safe storage, handling, transport and disposal of substances

Enhancement Modules

Ariel Product Safety Regulatory Phrases
Product safety regulatory phrases include titles of regulations, risk and safety, and GHS phrases with substance classifications published by government authorities, including notes, hazard and precautionary statements, classifications and classification categories. The library also includes value-type phrases such as skin notations, ceiling values, OEL (occupational exposure limit) phrases and warning statements.

Ariel MSDS Multilingual Phrases
Phrases streamline and simplify the creation of MSDS / SDSs by providing translations of phrases for the 16 sections of the MSDS / SDS in multiple languages. The number of phrases is constantly expanding, as driven by industry and regulatory requirements. Standard Statements for the authoring of MSDS / SDSs and labels are used to populate the section of an MSDS / SDS, such as phrases on health effects, preventative measures, person protection, handling and storage recommendations, and hazard and disposal recommendations.

Ariel ES Phrase Library
To meet REACH requirements, the Ariel Exposure Scenario Phrases can be used for creating and translating Exposure Scenarios and the creation of eSDSs (Extended Safety Data Sheets). 

Expert Rules
Ariel Expert Rules enhance the functionally provided by ADM-EHSAP by applying automated logic to the substance database in SAP EHS with the objective of creating MSDS / SDSs and labels that satisfy country-specific regulations. The power of automation provided by 3E's Rules eliminates variations in MSDS / SDS authoring, as well as human error, and ensures the consistent application of country-specific requirements. 

Ariel Rules Builder
The easy-to-use, flexible Ariel Rules Builder features a seamless user interface, eliminating the need for IT expertise while still providing SAP EHS users with flexibility and control over the way Rules are applied. 

Ariel solutions for SAP EHSM include regional and country-specific MSDS /SDS document templates that can be tailored to your company's requirements.

Outsourced Co-Authoring MSDS / SDS Services
3E offers MSDS / SDS Authoring services, which include the ability to outsource the creation of MSDS / SDSs to 3E authors who do the work on a client's existing SAP EHS platform.


ADM-VMSDS/SDS helps companies meet both product stewardship and workplace safety related MSDS / SDS data management and compliance challenges. SAP EHS users can seamlessly load and maintain vendor MSDS / SDS document images and associated meta-data-- product and composition information, various physical-chemical properties-- directly into SAP EHS.  Maintaining an accurate inventory of MSDS / SDSs is critical for workplace safety and fulfilling employee right-to-know requirements.