Integrated Content for Chemicals, Food Contact and Cosmetics

Whether it's managing MSDS / SDSs for the hazardous products used in your facilities, or researching how chemicals or raw materials used in the products you manufacture are regulated - finding, maintaining and acting on that data can be difficult and often painfully time-consuming.

3E Company is the industry leader in researching, sourcing, aggregating, enriching and maintaining EH&S compliance related data and information and making it available in a format that is easy and practical to use, based on customers' specific needs.

Ariel® Integrated Content Solutions powered by 3E help ensure that your compliance processes are executed accurately and efficiently while reducing cost and risk. We have developed a variety of tools that seamlessly integrate our world-renowned data directory into third-party corporate systems.

Integrated Global Chemical and Regulatory Content

Comprehensive, centralized global regulatory information is essential for overall product and facility compliance. Ariel Data Manager® (ADM) is an integrated data solution which enables the integration of Ariel chemical, food contact, cosmetics and transportation content into diverse, custom, open corporate EH&S systems. 3E® is platform agnostic, meaning we can feed our data into nearly any system. We have also spent nearly two decades developing a suite of solutions specifically for SAP, which encompass content, rules, phrases and templates. The result is increased operational efficiencies and informed decision-making. In addition, 3E offers an online reference tool, Ariel WebInsight, which complements the integrated data solution for quick and easy regulatory research, analysis and access to the full text of regulations.

The Ariel Integrated Content solution provides the necessary information required for making critical decisions related to manufacturing and shipping products, such as:

  • Developing sustainable products that don’t pose unnecessary risk to human health and the environment
  • Ensuring products can be shipped and sold in the intended markets
  • Classifying substances and products according to the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) and other classification schemes
  • Generating compliant Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs / SDSs)
  • Identifying the correct disclosure requirements and exposure limits for ingredients used in the manufacturing process
  • Ensuring safe storage, handling, transport and disposal of substances

The full benefits of any corporate system - be it PLM, ERP, EMIS, EH&S, procurement or other centralized system - are better optimized when comprehensive content is integrated and accessible from the system. 3E's data and content set is industry-leading and unsurpassed. It is the broadest, most dynamically updated, highest quality and most accurate collection of data, bar none.

Even more value is realized when we apply our expertise, best practices and business rules to the data. 3E has more than two decades of experience providing critical EH&S services to global customers. Our professionals have deep domain expertise and many are recognized as industry thought leaders. 3E is distinct as a provider with the unique and powerful combination of sourcing our own content and developing the underlying technology to deliver it, all with our own employees who have direct contact with the content and our customers.

Substance-level Data / Content

Ariel Content modules provide extensive coverage of regulated chemicals, food contact and cosmetics throughout the world at multiple levels of jurisdiction. Users can subscribe to any or all of the content modules, depending on the needs of their business. Learn more.

Physical, Chemical, Toxicological, Eco-toxicological Content (PCTEC)

ADM's chemical property and hazard data provides in-depth physical, chemical, toxicological and eco-toxicological data for nearly 8,000 of the most common substances. Learn more.

MSDS / SDS Data Integration with Third-party Systems

Maintaining an accurate inventory of MSDS / SDSs is critical for workplace safety and fulfilling employee right-to-know requirements. In addition, proper product stewardship and other business and regulatory compliance requirements in materials management, new product development, product formulation, substance volume tracking, classification, regulatory reporting and administration of business rules all require efficient and accurate management of vendor MSDS / SDS information. 3E can provide seamless integration with:

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