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MSDS Management

3E made a name for itself with MSDS / SDS management solutions. 3E MSDS / SDS Management  programs are flexible, scalable and modular, offering a variety of options and enhancements based on the EH&S information management needs of your organization.

3E MSDS On Demand®

3E MSDS On Demand offers live assistance 24-7-365 for all Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS or Safety Data Sheet) requests and provides access to the entire 3E database of millions of MSDSs / SDSs, which are sent via fax directly to a customer, their employees or other related callers.

3E Online®-MSDS

3E Online-MSDS is an award-winning service within the 3E Online service platform, providing online access to a customer's unique hazardous material inventory and associated MSDSs / SDSs 24-7-365. 3E has tiered its online MSDS / SDS management offerings, providing the ultimate flexibility to customers who have diverse compliance needs. Companies can choose from three editions: 3E Online-MSDS Silver, Gold or Platinum. A variety of add-on enhancement modules are also available, ensuring customers only pay for the functionality they need. As companies’ compliance needs evolve, customers can migrate to the advanced version best suited to their needs.

3E Mobile-MSDS

Subscribers to any edition of 3E Online-MSDS (Silver, Gold or Platinum) also have access to 3E Mobile-MSDS. 3E Mobile-MSDS puts our database of millions of MSDSs / SDSs right in the palm of your hand! iPhone®, Blackberry®, Android™ and other device users can access 3E Mobile and their inventory of MSDSs / SDSs, saving valuable time and bolstering EH&S regulatory compliance by ensuring reliable access to critical product safety data and information. 3E Mobile-MSDS is ideal for remote employees, employees or travel, or work in rugged environments. Utility, construction, transportation, and manufacturing industries can all benefit from improved access to MSDSs / SDSs and related information via smartphones.

MSDS Data Integration with third party systems

3E can provide seamless integration of MSDS / SDS data with various third party applications, including EMIS and ERP systems. Standard offerings include integration with:

  • ADM™-VMSDS - SAP® users can extract more value from the SAP EHS Management application by feeding raw material vendor MSDSs / SDSs and associated data directly into the specification database using ADM (Ariel Data Manager) - VMSDS. A list of vendor products is all that is required for 3E to cross-reference against its massive library. In the event the MSDS / SDS doesn’t already exist in our database, 3E will proactively obtain it directly from your supplier on your behalf. And, 3E can assume the burden of maintaining MSDS / SDS revisions on an on-going basis, providing employees access to the most recent available version.
  • 3E Integrated MSDS Data for MSDgen - Integrating 3E's MSDS / SDS management data and services with MSDgen facilitates the more efficient development of hazard communication documentation and enables more effective management of vendor raw material MSDSs / SDSs. The solution extracts key physical-chemical data from the MSDS / SDS and loads it directly into MSDgen, eliminating the need for the author to manually enter the information into MSDgen. MSDgen users are also able to leverage 3E's unique MSDS / SDS obtainment and revision maintenance capabilities.
  • 3E MSDS Management for CISPro® - Full synchronization between 3E Online-MSDS and the CISPro chemical inventory system with 3E’s integrated MSDS / SDS module provides instant access to up-to-date MSDSs / SDSs associated with any material that is in the user’s CISPro inventory database.
  • 3E MSDS Management for SciQuest - Full synchronization between 3E Online-MSDS and SciQuest's Enterprise Reagent Manager (ERM) system with 3E's integrated MSDS / SDS module provides instant access to up-to-date MSDSs / SDSs associated with any material that is in the user's ERM system.

Value-Added Services

The 3E EH&S Mission Control Center handles thousands of call each week to assist customers with MSDS / SDS requests, chemical spills and poison exposure emergencies. All 3E MSDS / SDS management customers have access to these powerful value-added resources.

  • 3E Poison & Exposure - Immediate toll free access via 3E’s EH&S Mission Control Call Center to poison control specialists, physicians, and toxicologists who provide medical advice related to chemical exposures, including skin/eye contact, inhalation and ingestion. Physicians are board certified in internal medicine, emergency medicine, occupational medicine, and medical toxicology. Veterinarians are board certified in internal medicine and veterinary toxicology. Other professional staff is certified as Diplomats of the American Board of Toxicology, Specialists in Poison Information and Veterinary Technicians. Customer-specific profiles are developed and maintained to track multiple facilities, fax numbers, contact names and other critical customer information. When an incident occurs, customer profiles enhance 3E’s ability to provide effective and responsive customer service.
  • 3E Spill - Immediate toll free access to timely information resources and professional guidance for chemical spill management, 24-7-365. To ensure compliance with regulations administered by agencies such as EPA, DOT and OSHA, as well as state or province regulatory reporting requirements, 3E’s professionals determine if immediate and/or follow-up reports are necessary and file them on a customer’s behalf.

The 3E Difference

3E does not simply collect MSDSs / SDSs that are available from free websites, but has spent nearly two decades assembling and maintaining its MSDS / SDS database via its Manufacturer Alliance Department, which consists of a dedicated, full-time team of specialists who obtain documents directly from, and maintain relationships with tens of thousands of manufacturers all over the world.

Each of 3E’s services comes with a variety of options and enhancement modules that can be configured based on a customer’s EH&S information management needs. Contact us for more information today.