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3E MSDS On Demand®

3E MSDS On Demand provides 24-7-365 access to live professionals and the entire 3E database of millions of MSDSs (material safety data sheets or safety data sheets), which are sent via email or fax directly to a customer, their employees or other related callers. In the event that a requested product is not available in the current 3E database, 3E acquires the MSDS / SDS directly from the manufacturer and forwards it to the customer as soon as possible. Translation assistance is provided in a number of languages via an interpreter.

Round-the-clock hotline access to the 3E EH&S Mission Control Call Center assists in compliance with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard, 29 CFR 1910.1200, offering a cost effective and efficient alternative to maintaining hard copy MSDS / SDS binders. Access to the hotline is available within five days of contract start date and puts chemical product information and compliance just one call away.

An assigned 3E Customer Integration Specialist ensures a smooth implementation of the program. In addition, 3E provides start-up compliance kits, which include instructions, posters, phone stickers and other literature displaying the telephone number for employee use.


  • 24-7-365 MSDS Access - Toll free and/or worldwide access to 3E’s EH&S Mission Control Call Center and any MSDS / SDS in the extensive 3E database. 3E sends a requested MSDS / SDS to a fax located on a customer’s site, to an ambulance, fire truck or healthcare facility as required.
  • MSDS Obtainment - 3E’s dedicated team of Data Center Specialists have established relationships with tens of thousands of manufacturers, from whom they directly acquire MSDSs / SDSs on a daily basis. The team maintains the 3E database through a regular review of all documents to ensure that the most current sheet is available to customers. And, based on 3E’s extensive manufacturer relationships, MSDSs / SDSs are often supplied directly to 3E when an update is issued or new product released.
  • 24-7-365 Chemical Spill Assistance - Immediate toll free and/or international access to 3E’s EH&S Mission Control Call Center to spill specialists for information and guidance on hazard assessment, location, weather considerations, evaluation of employee competency, use of personal protective equipment, absorbents, choice of storage containers, labeling and agency reporting requirements. 3E has expertise with all types of hazardous materials including toxins, bloodborne pathogens, asbestos, lead, infection and radioactive materials.
  • 24-7-365 Poison & Exposure Assistance - Immediate toll free access via 3E’s EH&S Mission Control Call Center to poison control specialists, physicians, and toxicologists who provide medical advice related to chemical exposures, including skin/eye contact, inhalation and ingestion. Physicians are board certified in internal medicine, emergency medicine, occupational medicine, and medical toxicology. Veterinarians are board certified in internal medicine and veterinary toxicology. Other professional staff is certified as Diplomats of the American Board of Toxicology, Specialists in Poison Information and Veterinary Technicians.
  • Call Activity Documentation - 3E tracks names, dates and all details related to the MSDS / SDS request. This documentation is available upon request.
  • Access to Historical Records - Expired MSDSs / SDSs are archived at a secure storage facility in hardcopy or electronic format. Customers have access to archived MSDSs / SDSs upon request.


Each of 3E's services comes with a variety of options and enhancement modules that can be configured based on a customer's EH&S information management needs. Contact us for more information today.


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