Regulatory Reporting

Increased focus on regulatory enforcement, Homeland Security and electronic filing requirements are changing the regulatory landscape. At the same time, companies face growing pressure to limit fines, reduce costs and manage the ever-changing web of local, state, county and city regulations. 3E® Regulatory Reporting services streamline and simplify the regulatory reporting compliance process, providing a valuable solution for customers with multiple facilities, limited and/or decentralized EH&S staff or knowledge, as well as for those who want to centralize their regulatory reporting and permitting.

3E's Regulatory Specialists annually complete and submit thousands of disclosures and permits, maintain active relationships with thousands of regulatory agencies and jurisdictional authorities, and track tens of thousands of individual compliance reporting tasks. This breadth of experience, regulatory expertise and relationships provide accurate and timely completion of required disclosures, permits and fees specific to client facilities across multiple jurisdictions.

Based upon a customer's hazardous materials inventory, facility and site diagrams, as well as any customer-specific policies, 3E Company can provide as little or as much assistance as a company requires - from the simple one-time delivery of valuable information, to full, on-going outsourcing of regulatory reporting tasks.

3E Compliance Research and Analysis

3E Compliance Research and Analysis is the delivery of hazardous materials reporting requirements on a federal, state and local level, specific to client facilities across multiple jurisdictions. This service provides an assessment and resulting report of the hazardous materials disclosures, permits and UST/AST (Underground Storage Tank/Aboveground Storage Tank) permit renewals required to be submitted, as well as known due dates and/or associated fees, on a location-specific basis.

3E Compliance Calendar & Disclosures

Taking 3E Regulatory Reporting Services one step further, 3E can take the information gathered from the Regulatory Research and Analysis and create a Calendar program to track and fulfill the necessary reports and disclosures. 3E maintains a database including agencies and contact information, reporting requirements, due dates, and associated fees. This service is provided on an on-going basis, or as needed, with annual reporting and maintenance of historical records for seven years.

This service can be delivered via the 3E Online® platform, enabling customers centralized access to scanned copies of all of their hazardous materials disclosures and permits completed by 3E Company on a location-specific basis. Users can sort location documents by key fields as well as view, print or download the scanned PDF document. Having instant access to these documents at either a corporate or facility level is a valuable resource in demonstrating compliance in the event of an agency inspection.

3E can also serve as the primary environmental contact for specified regulatory agencies connected to all of a customer's facilities on the Calendar program. All notices, renewals and invoices are sent directly to 3E and 3E can remit permit and disclosure fees through a customer-funded account.

3E TRI and NPRI Reporting

Our Regulatory Consulting team can help you comply with complex and time consuming U.S. Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) and Canadian National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) obligations.

We offer the following services to streamline compliance with these mandatory annual reporting requirements:

  • Provide regulation guidance and interpretation
  • Monitor regulatory activity, registry notices, rule changes, enforcement activities, direct compliance measures and changes to legislation
  • Review your chemical inventory and identify substances subject to TRI or NPRI reporting requirements
  • Calculate reportable quantities and thresholds for chemicals  
  • Compile reporting data for multiple facilities
  • Complete and prepare reports via agency reporting tools
  • Store reporting data and completed/filed reports in a central location

For a list of U.S. regulatory requirements covered by 3E Regulatory Reporting services, download our brochure.

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