Regulatory Research

Regulations are constantly changing. EH&S professionals are required to track hundreds of regulations in many jurisdictions as they apply to thousands of substances. Access to comprehensive, centralized global regulatory information is needed to ensure overall product and facility compliance. Ariel® regulatory research tools save EH&S professionals valuable time, eliminating the need to research and reference regulations from multiple sources, scattered across numerous websites and/or published in a variety of formats by providing global chemical regulatory content in one central, searchable, user-friendly repository.

Web-based Regulatory Research Reference Tools

Ariel WebInsightA subscription-based online regulatory reference tool with an easy-to-use interface with robust search, query, reporting and analysis features. Ariel WebInsight provides access to current, accurate, and comprehensive legislation, directives and regulatory information related to regulated chemicals throughout the world.

ArielLogic for Food & Flavors - A subscription-based online regulatory management tool offering centralized access to current global food and flavor additive regulations. Users can store and manage formulations in the system and identify and analyze how ingredients are regulated in various regions throughout the world.