Ariel® WebInsight

Ariel® WebInsight is an award-winning online chemical regulatory compliance reference tool that puts global EH&S compliance information one click away. The intuitive web browser interface provides access to accurate, comprehensive, up-to-date, usable regulatory content.

"Ariel WebInsight is very user friendly. It is so intuitive, in fact, that the required training was minimal... The search process is very straight forward; for example, we can simply enter in the CAS number that we are researching and then WebInsight returns all of the regulatory information associated with that chemical."

- Carina Fogelberg, Product Safety Manager, Perstorp

Ariel WebInsight provides the necessary information to support decisions for a variety of business issues that must be considered when manufacturing products, such as:

  • Enabling sustainable and compliant product manufacturing
  • Ensuring products can be sold in the intended markets
  • Making sure Safety Data Sheets (MSDS / SDS) are compliant within the markets in which the products are sold
  • Making sure labels are acceptable in the destination market
  • Classifying products according to the Globally Harmonized System (GHS)
  • Making sure products are properly shipped and packaged
  • Complying with export and import notification requirements
  • Knowing which agencies have to be notified in the event of a chemical release or spill

Content Modules

Ariel content provides extensive coverage of regulated chemicals throughout the world at multiple levels of jurisdiction. It covers topics from Chemical and Biological Weapons, Classification and Labeling, Controlled Drugs and Precursors to Cosmetics, Food Contact and Pharmaceuticals amongst an ever growing list of regulations. Ariel WebInsight also provides access to transportation related data as well as physical/chemical, toxicological and eco-toxicological content. Content is available through a variety of modules, enabling subscriptions to all, or portions of, Ariel content. And all Ariel content is supported with Generics, which helps identify regulatory requirements for chemicals that are not specifically named in the regulations, but that are regulated nonetheless as members of over 8,000 classes of chemical substances, such as cadmium compounds.


  • Regulatory change management and proactive alert notification
  • Robust search capabilities
  • Customize application with personalized sets of products and regulations
  • Comprehensive downloadable reports
  • Shareable product reports and queries with colleagues
  • Multi-lingual user interface
  • Full text regulations and 3E® expert overviews available in English
  • Relevant and timely regulatory news announcements

GHS Classification Module

Determine a GHS classification of a substance or mixture and generate GHS labels. The GHS rules engine assigns GHS classification based on the UN Purple Book, but also makes considerations for country specific variations and cut-off limits. Users can generate a GHS label with all the necessary pictograms, hazard and precautionary statements, based on the assigned classification.

Multilingual Phrase Library Module

Access a phrase library containing phrases for all of the 16 sections of an MSDS / SDS and GHS hazard classification phrases in more than 30 languages, as well as Hazard and Precautionary (H and P) statements for conformance with GHS.

Green Score Analysis Module

Enables users to rank their products according to 3E Company’s formulas and assign a green score to products based on criteria that include an evaluation of a product’s impact on human health, property and the environment. Users can perform analyses to compare the green score of multiple substances and determine optimal inputs for new products. The module also helps determine how the use of certain substances affects the overall green rating of the final product.

Regulatory Content - The 3E Difference

At the core of all 3E products and services is the global regulatory content - aggregated, refined and maintained by 3E's own team using documented best practice methodology, and through direct relationships with regulatory bodies across the globe. In short, 3E owns the content and the underlying technology. This stands in stark contrast to other vendors who may buy the bulk of their content from a third party, and then simply re-package and resell the information.

More than 300 multi-national organizations, including 70% of the world's top 50 chemical manufacturers, rely on our up-to-date, accurate, multilingual content on a daily basis. The breadth of countries covered and depth of regulatory and legislative information provided offer unprecedented support for identifying, monitoring and complying with ever-changing EH&S requirements.

Regulatory Research Specialists

3E's own team of specialists researches, procures and updates Ariel global regulatory content that is delivered by 3E products and services. The Ariel Global Research Team has the experience, contacts and language skills needed to stay current with changing regulations. Ariel content is based on official government sources in their respective countries. The Ariel regulatory team consists of professionals with legal expertise and active relationships with government agencies around the world that provide assistance in procuring and analyzing legislation. The team has extensive language skills to facilitate dialogue with the appropriate regulatory bodies.

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