SDS and Chemical Management

MSDS / SDS and chemical management has evolved from a tedious, unilateral exercise in pushing paper to an integral part of a company's overall EH&S strategy, impacting a broad range of activities, such as safety management, industrial hygiene, product stewardship, R&D, environmental compliance, transportation, and risk management. Data management and integration are the keys in leveraging this repository of essential information to achieve multiple compliance requirements, including employee safety and right-to-know regulations.

3E® made a name for itself with its MSDS / SDS solutions for chemical management. Our award-winning MSDS / SDS Management programs are flexible, scalable, and modular, offering a variety of options and enhancements based on the needs of your organization.

Let 3E Do the Work

3E employs a full service approach to MSDS / SDS management, meaning we assume the burden of obtaining all MSDS / SDSs in your chemical inventory across all of your locations as well as the ongoing maintenance of revisions. Our dedicated team has deep EH&S domain expertise, and is singularly focused on making sure the MSDS / SDS you need, in the jurisdiction and language needed, is always at your fingertips. We also offer:

  • Biggest and best database: We have spent more than two decades building the world’s largest, most comprehensive and up-to-date MSDS / SDS database on the planet, containing millions of documents.
  • Manufacturer relationships: We are able to build and maintain our database because of our relationships with tens of thousands of manufacturers/suppliers all over the world.
  • Inventory assessment: Don’t know what chemicals exist at the facility level?  We can send a specialist onsite to conduct a complete inventory assessment.
  • Round-the-clock support: Dedicated customer service representatives are available to support the implementation and maintenance of your program. In addition, we provide global support 24/7/365 via the 3E EH&S Mission Control Call Center for SDS requests, or emergency response to spills, ingestions, exposures or inhalations.
  • Global expertise: Not only is our user interface available in multiple languages, we collect and maintain multi-lingual, multi-jurisdictional documents in your inventory and provide global incident response through the EH&S Mission Control Call Center.
  • Responsive to regulatory change: 3E Online® adapts as regulations change and provides features that enable you to easily track those changes so you can understand their impact on your business.

Information Delivered the Way You Want It

Want to access MSDS / SDSs from your phone or tablet? Through your desktop via the web? Would you prefer to pick up the phone and talk to someone live? Maybe you prefer we feed the data from the documents directly into your enterprise system. 3E offers flexible options.

  • 3E Online®-SDS: Award-winning web-based application, including a mobile version for secure management of MSDS / SDSs in the cloud. Available in Silver, Gold and Platinum.
  • Integrated MSDS / SDS Management: The MSDS / SDS and associated data can be integrated into your existing corporate system, such as SAP® EHS Management, BIOVIA (formerly ChemSW) CISPro, SciQuest, Enablon QEHS and others. 3E also specializes in integration with proprietary customer applications.
  • 3E SDS On Demand®: Quick and easy access to MSDS / SDS via 3E’s state-of-the-art 24/7/365 call center. This service provides live support in over 200 languages. It can be provided as a standalone service or as a perfect complement to your existing Hazcom program.

Comprehensive Solution

Beyond managing a chemical inventory of MSDS / SDSs, 3E Online can be part of a full and robust Hazard Communication Program, supported with many complementary services and enhancements including the following.

Brochures and Additional Information

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