MSDS / SDS Authoring, Management and Distribution Chemical Regulatory Compliance Suite

Tracking international chemical regulatory guidelines and providing accurate and compliant hazard communication has never been more important – or more complex. To meet these complex requirements and manage the compliance challenges presented by REACH and GHS, EH&S, R&D, and Product Stewardship, professionals turn to MSDgen® – the leading globally-established and scalable hazard communication and chemical regulatory compliance software system.

"It [MSDgen] is simply more powerful than our previous software, and it has the added benefit of being scalable. It was very important to us to choose a system that isn't time intensive and cumbersome to manage. MSDgen fulfilled all of these requirements in one robust package."

-Scott Fleming, Regulatory Manager, Akrochem

Manufacturers from a wide variety of industries, from the U.S., to Europe and Japan, choose MSDgen because it provides the tools necessary to effectively manage the complexities of gathering accurate data, applying international chemical regulatory directives and guidelines, and issuing reliable hazard communication documentation for an in-house and international audience.

A Powerful and Unique Combination

MSDgen users enjoy the unique benefits of having the software, data, services and support from a single source. 3E Company is the only EH&S vendor to offer a unique and powerful combination of integrated and optimized world-class Ariel® content, sophisticated authoring data management tools, and comprehensive outsourced services to support product and workplace safety and stewardship.

3E Company invests heavily in attracting and retaining employees with deep EH&S domain expertise from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds. We have professionals who possess the necessary skills to ensure the integrity, accuracy and quality of our data, products and services. EH&S, R&D and Product Stewards find comfort in knowing the products and services they rely on are built by their peers who understand the business and burden of global EH&S compliance. And, providing customers with direct access to this knowledge base has unprecedented value.

Integrated Regulatory Data

MSDgen is much more than software. It is fueled by world-class Ariel content, which is considered the highest quality, most comprehensive collection of regulatory information by many of the world’s top chemical manufacturers.

Authoring and Generating MSDS / SDSs, Labels and More

Any variety of MSDS / SDS and label templates may be generated by MSDgen to meet international regulatory compliance and business requirements. MSDgen also supports the generation of Product Information Sheets (for support of Articles under REACH), as well as business/user definable document templates such as TDSs (Technical Data Sheets), PDSs (Product Data Sheets), Hazard Summaries and Product Stewardship Summaries. MSDgen provides:

  • Comprehensive Expert Phrase & Glossary Library
  • Automatic calculations and classification systems
    • GHS
    • EU
    • Transportation of dangerous goods
  • Rules-based document generation
  • REACH compliance support
  • IUCLID 5 data integration
  • Sophisticated formulation management
  • Integration with ERP or R&D systems
  • Trade secret and disclosure management
  • Alternate trade name management
  • Multilingual user interface

Data Management & Administration

Generating documents is only one piece of hazard communication documentation management. Once they are produced, MSDgen provides powerful tools for managing and distributing the data. MSDgen provides:

  • Version control and archiving
  • Flexible search options
  • Hundreds of reports
  • Batch processing capabilities
  • Robust security
  • Powerful workflow and notification features
  • Integration with ERP and external systems
  • Certification management (i.e. kosher certificates)
  • Vendor / raw material MSDS / SDS management
  • Integration with 3E Online® MSDS / SDS management application

Label Printing and MSDS / SDS Distribution

MSDgen’s extensive set of distribution options ensures your MSDS / SDSs, labels and other regulatory documents are published, distributed and retrieved in any manner required. Using MSDgen’s automated distribution options along with an interface to an order-entry system, MSDS / SDSs may be printed, faxed or emailed as customer orders are processed. With the MSDSviewer web distribution add-on, MSDS / SDSs in varying formats and languages may be searched and retrieved by a web browser via the Internet or Intranet.

Full label production may be established so that MSDgen automatically generates the HazCom labels at the appropriate facility based on orders, shipping or production triggers obtained through an MSDgen interface to your company’s ERP. Other features include:

  • Emergency response export
  • Automated CD/file generation
  • Unlimited label formats
  • Automated label production
  • Web-based label generation

Base Chemical Classification Library

3E offers an expansive set of chemical substances that are fully classified to the GHS by our expert team of MSDS / SDS authors and toxicologists. These classifications can be used for the ultimate classification of mixtures in MSDS / SDS authoring systems including MSDgen, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

The library includes not only the GHS Classification for over 20 global regulatory authorities, but also the precise set of physical-chemical properties, toxicological data and eco-toxicological data that support these classifications.

The Base Chemical Library is regularly updated to include classifications for new authorities as well as any required changes for existing authority classifications. The library can easily be imported into MSDgen and SAP® EHS, as well as other commercial MSDS / SDS Authoring systems.


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