SDS Authoring Services

3E Company's MSDS / SDS Authoring Services assist manufacturers, users and distributors in conveying critical hazard communication information to their employees and downstream customers, in accordance with global regulatory requirements.

"We have been very satisfied with 3E's Authoring and Distribution services. 3E® hit the mark - we were able to get all of our MSDSs authored on an extremely tight deadline."

- Roger Jackson, Vice President and General Counsel, KMG Electronic Chemicals

3E offers flexible, affordable options:

  • Fully outsource the creation and production of your MSDS / SDS authoring activities

  • Provide access to 3E authors to your own platform via a co-authoring arrangement

  • Use 3E's Authoring On Request automated process for projects covering 20 products or less

Regardless of the service you choose, 3E's own multi-lingual staff of dedicated, highly qualified MSDS / SDS authors, create, analyze, and manage globally compliant MSDSs / SDSs and product label content covering regulatory and language requirements for more than 60 countries.

Authors can format MSDSs / SDSs to be compliant with ANSI, GHS, REACH, and all of the major global requirements such as Japan, EU, USA and Canada, producing compliant documents that meet the needs of customers' most complex requirements, including:

  • Meeting ingredient and hazard classification disclosure regulations in all appropriate countries
  • Multiple-language MSDSs / SDSs, including double-byte characters
  • Providing toxicological and eco-toxicological evaluations and determination, including hazard classification, labeling, and workplace exposure limit settings
  • Providing domestic and international transportation determination including air, water, and land
  • Authoring Exposure Scenarios for pure substance products as well as for individual components in a mixture

MSDSs / SDSs are created and kept up-to-date by leveraging Ariel® aggregated regulatory data, which is also used by 70% of the world's largest chemical manufacturers on a daily basis. The breadth of countries covered and depth of regulatory information provided by this data offers unprecedented support for identifying, monitoring and complying with ever changing EH&S requirements.

Create GHS Compliant Labels in Seconds​

Are you able to quickly and easily print GHS compliant transport, hazard and precautionary labels for all intended markets? With Label Generator, 3E Authoring Services customers can generate multilingual labels for substances, mixtures and finished goods on demand using a highly intuitive online interface. Learn more.

The 3E Difference

3E's multi-lingual authoring team comes from a variety of disciplines including product safety and stewardship, chemical engineering, business process engineering and chemistry, and from different industry backgrounds including chemical, process, consumer product and pharmaceutical manufacturing. MSDS / SDS authors reside in 3E's U.S. and European offices. These MSDS / SDS Authoring Centers of Excellence are linked by shared best practice processes and cross training to ensure that every customer receives the benefit of diverse experience and knowledge.

Through professional associations and participation on government guidance panels, 3E's domain experts have trained industry personnel on authoring globally compliant documents.

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