SDS Distribution Services

3E Company's MSDS / SDS Distribution services offer a powerful suite of products providing cost savings and process improvement for manufacturers, distributors and users of chemicals. Outsourcing the distribution of MSDS / SDSs can result in greater cost efficiencies, increased value to downstream end-user customers, improved compliance, reduced risk, and protection of the corporate brand.

3E Online® SDS Hosting

  • Provides access to product MSDS / SDSs via a manufacturer or distributor-specific website hosted by 3E® launched from the customer's website
  • Features customer's corporate identity via display of its corporate logo
  • Users have live, 24-7-365 access to 3E to either help them navigate to the desired document or request that the desired document be faxed or emailed to them
  • Translation assistance is provided in a number of languages via an interpreter
  • Upon request, other EH&S document types such as biocide registrations, kosher certificates, technical data sheets or toxicological summaries can be hosted and available for retrieval

3E SDS Push Distribution

  • Ensures that a company's MSDS / SDSs are sent to their customers in accordance with the regulatory requirements for the jurisdictions in which sales are made
  • Client-defined rules determine whether and when distribution is required
  • Multiple distribution methods available: email, fax, postal mail
  • Global solution supporting multiple jurisdictions and languages
  • 24-7-365 live assistance is provided to end-users who can call and obtain an MSDS / SDS
  • Translation assistance is provided in a number of languages via an interpreter

3E SDS eLink

  • Provides access to MSDS / SDSs via the manufacturer or distributor's own website rather than one supplied by 3E, creating a completely transparent experience to the end-user
  • A link from the product or MSDS /SDS listing on the manufacturer's website accesses an image that is hosted and maintained by 3E

For companies looking for a system for their internal staff to manage, rather than outsourcing, learn about MSDgen® SDS and Label Distribution software.

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