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This webinar introduced 3E Company’s regulatory compliance content designed to enable compliance check functionality in SAP’s Recipe Development solution. Daniel Bender, Vice President – SAP PLM Solution Management at SAP America and Julia Tsvetkova, Ariel Product Management Director at 3E discussed the product development challenges in the process industries and how SAP PLM can help you meet those challenges and stay compliant with regulations impacting your business. 

Webinar agenda included: 
• Welcome and Introduction to 3E Company 
• Product Development Challenges in the Process Industries 
• 3E’s Regulatory Compliance Content 
• Demonstration of 3E’s Content Delivery System for SAP Recipe Development 


3E Company's Product Development Manager, Louise Bernstein discussed how you can effectively increase workplace safety and mitigate risk with 3E Safety Cards. Product safety summaries can be used through the world as best practice tools to complement, or comply with, regulatory initiatives, such as: 

  • United States Hazard Communication Standard
  • Germany TRGS 555 Betriebsanweisung
  • Denmark Arbejdspladsbrugsanvisningens/APB
  • United Kingdom Control of Substances Hazardous to Health/COSHH

3E Company's Sr. Regulatory Analyst, Zeina Attar, provided an overview of regulatory requirements for food ingredients across several jurisdictions, including: CODEX, European Union, and the United States. 

Agenda topics covered: 

  • What are food ingredients? 
  • Food Ingredients Regulatory Overview: 
    • CODEX, EU and U.S 
    • Similarities and differences 
  • How can 3E Company help 
    • New Food Project: 3E's new capability to customize and load data into various systems
The speakers: Karin F. Baron, M.S.P.H., Regulatory Consultant with Acta, Elizabeth Tanner, Product Manager with 3E Company, and Lynn L. Bergeson, Managing Partner with B&C have discussed the steps companies should take between now and June 1, 2015, to comply fully with HCS, or else to document sufficient diligence toward full compliance to avoid enforcement action.                                                                                                                                                  
Topics that were included are: General content of the enforcement guidance, Recommendations on processes and procedures to ensure compliance, Legal discussion on potential non-compliance. 

The representatives of Enablon, ERM, 3E Company and RegScan provided an informative webinar that delivered expert guidance and practical strategies. They have discussed the utilization of technology and regulatory content to satisfy current and emerging Product Stewardship and market access requirements providing tactical examples and use case scenarios.

We have shared the following: Current and upcoming Product Stewardship and compliance obligations, strategic and tactical Product Stewardship solutions for global supply chains, how to promote Product Stewardship, ensure compliance, and support business objectives with the right combination of technology & content.


Erin McVeigh, EH&S Solutions Engineer highlighted the following tools and services:

  • 3E / Ariel Integrated Content for SAP and the ADM EHSAP for loading regulatory data
  • Expert Rules, Templates and Phrases for SDS authoring
  • ADM-VSDS: allows users to store vendor data and documents directly in SAP EHS

By utilizing these tools and services along with best practices we can set your company up for successful utilization of SAP allowing your company to maximize efficiency and ensure compliance and alleviate risk.


3E Company’s Regulatory Analyst for North America, James Lee discussed the final Canadian GHS regulations. Agenda topic included: 

  • HPR implementation timeline in Canada: transition periods 
  • Definitions 
  • Classifications: Physical & Health 
  • Labelling 
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) requirements 
  • Exemptions 
  • Amendments to the Hazardous Materials Information Review Regulations and others 
  • Comparison with the US HazCom 2012

3E Company's Supply Chain Solutions Engineer, Kami Blake discussed the steps you need to take to reach a comprehensive and targeted, scalable, data-centric solution for all involved stakeholders across your supply chain. 

Topic areas that she covered included:

  • Identifying and ranking your compliance requirements
  • Knowing your data sources
  • Launching data acquisition efforts
  • Transforming data into actionable business intelligence
  • Integrating intelligence and aligning information with compliance requirements

3E Company's Regulatory Analyst, Nhat Nguyen discussed the requirements of the proposed New Zealand GHS regulations for workplace and consumer products safety. 

The topics included: 
• GHS implementation timeline in New Zealand 
• Classifications: Physical & Health 
• Labeling, Definitions, Exemptions 
• Safety Data Sheets (SDS) 
• Packaging 
• Differences from the US HazCom 2012


Is a globally compliant SDS possible? 3E Company's Manager of Project and Author Development, Zak Kendrick discussed about GHS compliant documents. We also reviewed the upcoming SDS and Labeling deadlines as well as mandatory review periods. 

The session covered the following areas:

  • GHS classifications around the globe
  • Implementation dates and transition periods
  • Mandatory review dates and conditions
  • Planning your SDS update project