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Support sustainability and green your supply chain with 3E's powerful product analysis tool

3E Green Product Analyzer™ (GPA)

In response to the increased trends of focusing on sustainability and EH&S compliance, organizations are more closely scrutinizing the products they use in the workplace, use as raw material inputs in manufacturing, or sell to their downstream customers. The 3E GPA (Green Product Analyzer) provides the necessary data and information needed to support these emerging initiatives, giving EH&S and purchasing staff the detailed information they need about the chemical makeup of products-- information that will enable sophisticated analysis, application and decision support, and ultimately better product sourcing and management.

Will your products make the grade?

By leveraging 3E’s global CAS level regulatory profiles and chemical classification data, 3E GPA can provide the flexibility and knowledge needed to support your sustainability program.


Flexible grading options - Because there is no single definition of sustainability, the system accommodates your self-defined critera, while still providing guidance to those who might still be identifying their parameters

Compare products for better decision making - Calculate ratings and group products into categories and even include material costs to create direct and meaningful comparisons

Better products for less money - Compare products in the same use category (i.e. solvents) to support product selection and purchasing decisions. Then leverage materials costs data to single source products and take advantage of volume discounts

Improve your toxic footprint - Assess the toxic footprint of your organization to create a baseline and measure improvement

Each of 3E’s services comes with a variety of options and enhancement modules that can be configured based on a customer’s EH&S information management needs. Contact us for more information today.

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