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Implementing GHS compliance activities into your organization is no easy task. Upstream suppliers and manufacturers need to re-evaluate how their substances and mixtures are classified for each regulatory entity, country and/or region and will likely need to re-issue several MSDSs / SDSs and labels.

Downstream users need to ensure they are able to receive updated MSDS / SDSs and track which documents have changed as well as what data on the document is different from the earlier version.  In the United States, companies are required to train their employees on the differences between the previous Hazard Communication Standard and the new HazCom 2012.

The pioneer and leader in outsourced environmental health and safety (EH&S) compliance information, 3E Company is committed to helping companies stay ahead of the curve with solutions for identifying and managing increasingly complex and changing global chemical regulatory obligations.

As GHS is adopted in countries and regions around the globe, 3E stands ready to provide services to address the new requirements and associated chemical regulatory information needed for compliance management.

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