The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) has had a tremendous impact on industry. Upstream suppliers and manufacturers need to re-evaluate how their substances and mixtures are classified for each regulatory entity, country and/or region and frequently need to re-issue several MSDSs / SDSs and labels.

Downstream users need to ensure they are able to receive updated MSDS / SDSs and track which documents have changed as well as what data on the document is different from the earlier version. In the United States, companies are required to train their employees on the differences between the previous Hazard Communication Standard and the HazCom 2012.

3E Company has been helping companies tackle the challenges associated with GHS since the system's very beginnings in the late 1990's and early 2000's. Our products and services are GHS-ready, as each country adopts and implements its own version.

Products and Services Supporting GHS for Manufacturers

Ariel® WebInsight

This subscription-based online compliance management tool serves as a reference tool, centralizing all global chemical regulatory data into a robust, searchable, easy-to-use database. WebInsight provides quick access to official GHS classifications, including substance classifications published by each adopting country’s authorities. Other features supporting GHS compliance include:

  • GHS Classification and Rules Engine
  • GHS label generation
  • Access to full text and latest news on national GHS implementations
  • Multilingual phrase library

Ariel Integrated Content Solutions

Our integrated content tools feed chemical regulatory data into standard ERP platforms, such as SAP® EHS as well as diverse, custom, open corporate EH&S systems. These integrated data tools provide efficient change management and regular updates as regulations change and new ones are released. They include several features supporting GHS:

  • GHS Rules
  • Multilingual Phrases
  • Templates to accommodate country specific formats

Outsourced Services: MSDS / SDS Authoring & Professional Services

3E Company can provide GHS classification of substances and mixtures as a separate service and/or as part of MSDS / SDS and label authoring for companies that want GHS classification. 3E can also author MSDSs / SDSs in compliance with GHS requirements for the country or region that has adopted or anticipated to adopt GHS.

For your company’s in-house Authoring staff: MSDgen®

MSDgen provides full support of hazard communication, classification, and labeling directives to generate globally-compliant MSDSs / SDSs and label documents as well as business/user definable documents, such as Technical Data Sheets, Product Data Sheets, Hazard Summaries and Product Stewardship Summaries.

MSDS / SDS Distribution Services

While MSDgen provides a robust solution for ensuring your authored documents can be pushed to your end-user customers, 3E® also provides outsourced MSDS / SDS Distribution services via a variety of methods.

Products and Services Supporting GHS for Downstream Users

Whether the impact on downstream users receiving updated GHS-compliant MSDSs / SDSs is a tidal wave or a slow trickle, 3E Company can help your organization prepare for the requirements.  

3E Online®-SDS

Our award-winning system, 3E Online-SDS can support the transition in a variety of ways:

  • Obtaining GHS-compliant MSDS / SDSs from your suppliers
  • Extracting and indexing GHS information from the MSDS / SDS
  • Producing GHS labels for secondary containers
  • GHS classification and labeling reports showing which MSDS / SDSs in inventory have been updated
  • GHS regulatory reporting showing which products have CAS numbers on GHS regulatory lists
  • Revision alerts notifying when products have a new GHS-compliant MSDS / SDS

Hazard Communication 2012 Training Module

The deadline for training employees on OSHA's Hazard Communication 2012 system of classification, label elements and SDS formats was December 1, 2013. For ongoing training of new employees, 3E Company, in cooperation with our partner Learn it Solutions, offers a one-hour training program to facilitate the recognition and understanding of the requirements. The web-based interactive multi-media training module can be accessed anytime, anywhere an Internet connection is available. It can serve as a stand-alone web application or can be integrated into an existing LMS (learning management system). Download the brochure for more information.

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