Retailers are increasingly challenged with meeting EH&S regulatory compliance obligations and an intense consumer demand for safer, more environmentally-friendly products. To meet these demands, they need access to hazard communication and chemical data early in the purchasing process, long before the products arrive at the distribution center or are stocked on store shelves.

"Outsourcing some of the more complex EH&S regulatory compliance initiatives to 3E has allowed BJ's to meet our compliance needs. 3E® has been instrumental in providing us with the data or information we need to achieve compliance on a local, state, and federal level. Knowledge is power, and 3E provides us with the knowledge we need to empower our business decisions and achieve the objectives of our compliance activities."

- William Peters, Assistant VP, Safety & Regulatory Compliance, BJ's Wholesale Club

3E Company has an extensive history of leadership in serving the needs of the retail market. Nine of the top ten U.S. retailers are long-time 3E customers. We also have a long standing history of working with tens of thousands of global manufacturers and suppliers to collect and manage the information that retailers need. 3E facilitates the efficient exchange and flow of information between supplier and retailer, significantly streamlining the process and reducing the supplier burden in obtaining critical data.

Getting the Data You Need for Improved Decision Making

Once a retailer agrees to actively sell a product containing regulated materials, they have a myriad of compliance requirements to meet. This is no easy task, given retailers’ chemical inventories can span hundreds, sometimes thousands, of locations. 3E can provide a central repository for managing a wealth of compliance related information that result in many benefits. Our solutions can serve as the cornerstone of a comprehensive compliance program, enabling retailers to increase compliance while saving time, reducing costs, and streamlining processes.

3ESC Supply Chain Solutions™ can ensure you have the most comprehensive, validated compliance information for the products you sell, providing you the most efficient method for:

  • Gathering critical information on products and suppliers from upstream provider in the value chain, such as material disclosures, substance declarations, compliance certificates, certificates of origin and more
  • Responding to incoming customer survey and inquiries, and confirming compliance with specific criteria or regulations

How Do I Ship, Store, Report and Dispose it?

How can a retailer with hundreds or thousands of stores across the country effectively keep up with the dozens of municipalities and state reporting requirements and federal requirements for safe transport, use, and disposal of hazardous products? 3E can serve as a retailer’s EH&S department.

Leveraging 3E’s EH&S expertise is especially valuable considering the turn-over rate of retail employees and the fact that many are seasonal or part-time, resulting in a broad array of skill sets as it relates to EH&S knowledge. 3E can augment potential gaps in training by providing employees with proper guidance in many areas, including:

  • Managing hazardous material storage requirements to ensure fire code obligations are met
  • Supporting employees with proper, compliant shipping documentation and guidance, including determining classification, packaging of hazardous and non-hazardous packages together, identifying markings, labels and documents that must accompany shipments
  • Providing employees and patrons a phone number to call if a spill or release occurs on site at a store, or during transport between distribution center and store
  • Managing federal, state and local reporting requirements for multiple stores, i.e. hazmat disclosures for business and emergency plans, storage and handling of hazmat, permits, fees and occupancy reporting
  • Ensuring store employees have proper disposal information and support for identifying and classifying hazardous waste (i.e. returned items)
  • Managing multiple waste haulers and associated pickup's and disposals at designated TSDFs (treatment, storage and disposal facility), including appropriate reports to federal and or state agencies
  • Providing store employees and patrons with un-barriered access to MSDS / SDSs

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