Brazil Takes Step Closer to Creating Industrial Chemical Regulation

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December 3, 2018By the Verisk 3E Regulatory Research TeamBlog

Brazil has taken another step towards establishing an Industrial Chemical Regulation. Environment Minister Edson Duarte signed on 23 November 2018 the draft law regarding registration, evaluation and control of industrial chemicals.

The draft sets provisions for the inventory, risk assessment and control of chemical substances, and aims to minimize the health and environmental impacts resulting from the production, import and use of industrialized products containing chemicals.

In addition, the document establishes the National Chemicals Registry, which will create the National Inventory of Chemical Substances. The draft establishes the following two Technical Committees to evaluate and manage the risks of chemical products:

  • Technical Committee for the Evaluation of Chemical Substances – this committee will be a collegiate body composed by federal agencies of the environment, health, labor and industry. The committee will be in charge of evaluating the risk of chemical substances and suggesting risk management measures.
  • Deliberative Committee on Chemical Substances – this committee will have a deliberative, normative, advisory and appellate nature. It will be composed of representatives of the same bodies as above, and will have the purpose of determining the risk management measures for the evaluated chemical substances.

The draft also facilitates the public disclosure substances contained in products, except when the information is protected by Confidential Business Information (CBI). It also establishes penalties for violating the law.

Subscribers to 3E Monitor may access a copy of the draft law, available in English (PDF), from

Next steps

The draft will be sent for review to the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC), Executive Office of the President (Casa Civil) and then will be submitted to Congress.

Due to the multiple authorities involved in reviewing the draft, the analysis could take several months. Chemical companies and manufacturers in the supply chain of products ending up in Brazil should keep informed on this process and keep an eye out for future updates.