Integrated Content Solutions

Managing a compliance program is no easy task given the complexities associated with compliance on a global scale. Organizations using sophisticated enterprise solutions, whether custom-developed or commercial systems, need access to relevant, comprehensive compliance related content within the system to facilitate increased operational efficiencies, informed decision-making and consistent compliance practices throughout the enterprise.

3E Company's core competence is researching, sourcing, aggregating, enriching and maintaining compliance related data and making it available to our customers in a format that is easy, practical to use, and based on their specific needs. This includes integrating content into a customer’s existing system. 3E® is platform agnostic, meaning our content can be fed into nearly any system. Several standard integrations exist, including SAP®, Enablon, SciQuest, Biovia’s CISPro (formerly ChemSW), Kelaroo, eRPortal, Intelex, Locus Technologies and of course, our own MSDgen® SDS Authoring System. No other regulatory content provider has more experience than 3E in integrating regulatory content into corporate systems.  

Ariel® Integrated Content for Chemicals, Food Contact and Cosmetics

3E has a long history and proven track record in helping process manufacturers manage EH&S compliance for their chemical-containing products. Ariel integrated content solutions provide the necessary information for making critical decisions when manufacturing and marketing chemical products, such as:

  • Developing sustainable products that don't pose unnecessary risk to human health and the environment
  • Ensuring products can be shipped and sold in the intended markets
  • Classifying substances and products according to the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) and other classification schemes
  • Generating compliant Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs / SDSs)
  • Identifying the correct disclosure requirements and exposure limits for ingredients used in the manufacturing process
  • Ensuring safe storage, handling, transport and disposal of substances

While the Ariel collection of chemical data can be fed into nearly any system, 3E has spent nearly two decades working closely with SAP AG, SAP America and its partners to establish and enhance a best practices solution for integrating Ariel regulatory content into the EHS and Material Master (MM) modules of SAP. The powerful suite combines product safety content, multilingual phrases, expert rules, templates and a data/document loader - Ariel Data Manager (ADM) - for a comprehensive compliance solution. Learn more about Ariel Integrated Content Solutions for SAP.

Ariel Integrated Content for Flavor, Food & Beverage

Ariel content includes global coverage for flavor, food & beverage as well. The content offering encompasses restricted/banned substances, hazard communication documentation and labeling, and suitability reviews / supplier assessments. As companies struggle under the burden of spiraling global regulations, standards and consumer pressure, having access to reliable regulatory, product and industry content can increase efficiency and mitigate risk.

The integrated solution increases visibility into global product compliance initiatives and enables companies to verify compliance early in the product development lifecycle and avoid the costly consequences of non-compliance. Learn more about Ariel Integrated Content for Flavor, Food & Beverage.