ArielLogic for Food & Flavors

ArielLogic is a global Food & Flavor regulatory compliance check tool that is indispensable for any R&D, supply chain, or regulatory personnel in the Food, Flavor and Beverage manufacturing industry. 

With ArielLogic, answering any or all of the following questions is never more than a click away:

  • Does my product contain any ingredients that are banned in the country of interest?

  • Does my product contain any ingredients above the permitted thresholds in the country of my interest?

  • What are the regulations I need to comply with to produce a given food/flavor/beverage in a country of interest?

  • How do updates to regulations across the globe affect my products?

ArielLogic offers a centralized access to critical, comprehensive and current regulatory information related to food and flavor regulations. ArielLogic captures regulatory requirements from regions across the globe including Asia Pacific, Middle East, South America, North America, European Union, Eastern Europe, and also International standards like CODEX, JECFA & FEMA, all in one product.


  • Green light/Red light check both at the ingredient and formulation level
  • Content extensively indexed via leading industry identifiers including CAS, INS No., E No., FEMAQ No., FL No., CI No., EINEC No., Chemical Name(s)
  • Full text regulations and 3E expert overviews available in English
  • Relevant and timely regulatory change announcements
  • Dedicated staff of food regulatory experts and food scientists/toxicologists
  • Designed to handle both broad generic groups and specific substances
  • Complete change management both at the substance and regulation level

ArielLogic for Food & Flavors offers a powerful solution for global Food, Flavor and Beverage manufacturers who face many challenges related to product compliance. With ArielLogic, R&D professionals now have more time to focus on core functions instead of spending unproductive hours researching and maintaining global regulations and directives that are not harmonized and are scattered across hundreds of disparate sources.

Rather than spending countless hours tracking down information and updates from various regulatory agencies and governing authorities, highly skilled regulatory staff and R&D personnel can collaborate using a simple-to-use and content-rich resource that puts information at their fingertips. These employees can now focus on delivering superior products to customers and performing more strategic functions that contribute to your bottom line, instead of wasting hundreds, if not thousands of administrative hours searching and updating regulatory information.

Powerful Decision Support

ArielLogic’s rules-based engine enables users to enter a formulation with hundreds of ingredients, save, and check for restrictions that might be applicable to any of the ingredients in the formulation. During this process, the system takes into account the respective country’s food additives and flavor regulatory framework. Users can check against the regulations of one or multiple countries simultaneously. For example, after entering a formulation into ArielLogic, users can produce a report that indicates, on an ingredient level, any quantity or use-type restrictions based on regulations of the countries they are interested in.

Solid Reference Tool

Because ArielLogic is an aggregated collection of data from multiple sources, the central repository also functions as a simple, yet powerful reference tool for research purposes. Robust search features return critical information in a few simple clicks. The full text of regulations is provided for review, as well as more condensed overviews for quick reference.


  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce the time-to-market by eliminating restricted substances early in the development cycle
  • Improve resource allocation
  • Empower staff with the ability to focus on strategic activities, such as expansion into new markets
  • Increase efficiency
  • Provide staff with a faster, efficient way to check regulatory requirements for all the ingredients in your products
  • Quickly respond to supplier questionnaires or use the tools to audit your suppliers

Regulatory Research Specialists and Food Scientists

ArielLogic gives you direct access to 3E Company's dedicated staff of regulatory researchers, food scientists and toxicologists. This team of specialists is responsible for researching, procuring and updating the global regulatory content that is delivered by ArielLogic. The team uses proven and documented best practices that result in a high degree of data quality and accuracy. The Ariel® Global Research Team has the scientific and regulatory experience, contacts and language skills needed to keep current with changing regulations. Ariel content is based on official government sources in their respective countries. The Ariel regulatory team consists of professionals with the necessary legal expertise, scientific background and active relationships with government agencies around the world that provide assistance in procuring and analyzing legislations. The team has extensive language skills to facilitate dialog with the appropriate regulatory bodies.

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