3E Online®-SDS

3E Online® - SDS provides web-based access to a customer’s chemical inventory and associated Material Safety Data Sheets or Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) 24-7-365. Instant Internet access to this information assists in EH&S and hazard communication compliance requirements. Our award-winning MSDS / SDS Management programs are flexible, scalable and modular, offering a variety of options and enhancements based on the needs of your organization. Startup is highly efficient with no installation required. 3E Online - MSDS is delivered via an easy and intuitive web browser interface that puts EH&S information and compliance only a click away.

"We evaluated the ROI of every outsourced solution, and it was quickly determined that outsourcing MSDS / SDS management and hazardous classifications to 3E Company was the most cost-effective service for Cabela's."

- Frann Lubash, Supply Chain Strategy Manager, Cabela's

Chose from three editions: 3E Online-SDS Silver, Gold or Platinum. A variety of enhancement modules are also available, ensuring you pay only for the functionality you need. As your compliance needs evolve, you can easily migrate to the advanced version best suited to your needs.

3E Online-SDS Silver: Our introductory program offering efficient MSDS / SDS management, basic data indexation, the ability to create secondary container labels and generate reports

3E Online-SDS Gold: Our standard offering with expanded indexation for robust search functionality and advanced chemical analysis features including access to Ariel regulatory lists

3E Online-SDS Platinum: Our most advanced version enabling enhanced chemical search, regulatory impact analysis, chemical approval workflow capabilities and much more

3E Mobile – SDS: Subscribers to any edition of 3E Online have access to 3E Mobile-SDS, a site optimized for easy viewing and display on mobile devices.

Value-Added Services - Always Included

All subscribers receive access to the 3E EH&S Mission Control Call Center, which handles thousands of call each week to assist customers with MSDS / SDS requests, chemical spills, and poison exposure emergencies.

3E Poison & Exposure - Immediate toll free access to poison control specialists, physicians, and toxicologists who provide medical advice related to chemical exposures, including skin/eye contact, inhalation and ingestion.

3E Spill - Immediate toll free access to timely information resources and professional guidance for chemical spill management, 24-7-365.

A Comprehensive Solution Beyond Document Management

Round out your hazard communication plan with these advanced capabilities:

Onsite Inventory Assessment: 3E® can provide a convenient, site-specific inventory by sending a specialist on-site.

Chemical Classification: View products classified using the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS) ratings. Products can be classified according to NFPA standards, Uniform Fire Code, BOCA National Fire Prevention Code, and the SBCCI Standard Fire Prevention Code.

Transportation Classification: 3E can classify a customer's inventory for determination of packaging and requirements. 3E will manage changes in regulations and adjust classifications accordingly on an on-going basis. An online interface provides reports by mode, such as main hazard class and regulated versus non-regulated. It also provides the ability to view classification data by product, view required labels for product shipment and print markings. 3E can also feed the classification data directly into a customer's corporate system, enabling the customer to reduce data management costs by providing a centralized repository for classification information to be shared with the entire enterprise.

Chemical Approval: Enables customers to effectively manage and control what chemicals enter a given facility. Daily or weekly Chemical Approval notifications are sent to the designated Approval Manager when new products that require review are added to a site-specific inventory. The Approval Manager can review the MSDS / SDS and other product information to determine whether or not the product should be allowed onsite. Approval Managers can even set conditions to the approval process. For example, if a product is approved for use, but only in specific quantities, the manager can place a conditional approval on the product which will alert the users to these conditions.

SARA & DHS Candidate Lists: Identify which of your products or chemicals within products appear on SARA Title III Sections 311/312/313 criteria: fire, reactivity, pressure, acute, and chronic health hazard and the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) list.

Regulatory Reporting: Make your annual U.S. state SARA Tier II EPCRA reports easy to submit with easy access to tools that help you gather and analyze chemical and product data from your inventory.

Revision Alert: A standard feature of 3E Online-MSDS is that users are alerted whenever a new version of an MSDS / SDS in their inventory is available. The Revision Alert Module takes it to the next level by enabling users to quickly and easily identify the exact nature of the revision. This could be particularly helpful as MSDSs / SDSs are revised to be compliant with GHS.

3E-Ariel® RegImpact: For customers who need access to global regulatory content, this module provides access to the Ariel chemical regulatory database and an expanded regulatory impact analysis feature to enable better understanding of the impact of regulatory changes on a customer’s raw materials, components and products that specifically apply to their entire organization down to a single inventory location.

Green Product Analyzer (GPA): Provides intelligence regarding the chemical constituents used in a company's products and their associated toxicity, health and environmental hazards.

REACH: Enables users to determine their own REACH role for each product. Users may then upload volume information and produce reports that will de-formulate any product/mixture that is exported to, or manufactured in the EU, and show the tonnage for each substance.

Safety Cards: For organizations, especially those operating within Europe, that are required to provide Safety Cards to employees, the Safety Card Module enables the quick and easy creation of these cards.


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