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Save time and increase efficiency by gaining instant access to a broad set of physical, chemical, toxicological and eco-toxicological data from more than 120 sources in a easy-to-read database and full text format. Join us for a brief presentation and demonstration as we show you how this new valuable resource can help you to get the data you need to assess risk and classify your products.


This webinar examined supply chain traceability trends, with a focus on recent regulatory developments in the EU and North America. The meaning of “traceability” in the context of an efficient and sustainable supply chain will be discussed, key drivers of traceability systems identified, and the implications for manufacturers and their supply chains will also be addressed.


3E Company's Technical Project Specialist, Diana Maldonato discussed compliance activities that help address the increasingly complex and changing global chemical regulatory environment.


California Proposition 65 (Prop 65) is one of the most controversial state laws impacting the chemical industry because of its unique enforcement mechanism allowing private citizen enforcers.  It requires persons conducting business in the state to provide a clear and reasonable warning in sign or label before exposing consumers or employees to chemicals listed as carcinogens or reproductive toxins under the law. 


The first year of conflict minerals compliance introduced many pains into the daily lives of professionals tasked with compliance including: communicating with suppliers, educating multiple tiers of the supply chain, developing a system to collect, document and aggregate responses, and verifying thousands of smelters reported from suppliers, just to name a few. 3E Company's top experts provides a useful guide in preparing for this next stage in Conflict Minerals Compliance.


3E Company's top experts provided a refresher on the HazCom 2012 requirements and insight into the benefits of harmonization.


3E Company stands ready to provide solutions and insight for RoHS 2, similar RoHS legislation in other global markets, and the strategies to effectively manage RoHS compliance throughout the supply chain. If you're interested in learning more how 3E Company can solve your Global RoHS compliance needs, please contact Kami Blake at kblake@3ecompany.com.


Regulatory agencies including the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) require that all hazardous materials or dangerous goods be appropriately classified, packaged, marked, labeled, placarded and shipped with proper documentation. Failure to comply can result in large fines, significant delays and other negative impacts to your supply chain.


Supply chains today are complex and global, and for many are regularly disrupted, often opaque and increasingly regulated. Coupled with the megatrends of accelerating urbanization, resource scarcity and the breathtaking pace of technology proliferation, supply chains continue to rapidly evolve and transform. Yet, the majority of companies do not regularly assess the risk and resilience of their supply chain. This webinar, presented by 3E Company and PwC, discusses case studies companies who have demonstrated resilience by emphasizing transparency, conformance and risk to better anticipate potential supply chain disruptions while increasing market agility.


3E Company and Enablon recently announced their strategic collaboration on February 11, 2014. This alliance brings together Enablon’s QEHS and Compliance Software Suite and 3E’s substance level global regulatory content and product level SDS data. Enablon’s platform will populate SDS, product-level data, and regulatory content from 3E’s platforms, providing reliable, actionable information in real time. This webinar discusses how and why integration has become a best practice, while identifying the top 5 compliance challenges companies face with SDS and product data management.