Flavor, Food & Beverage

For manufacturers in the flavor, food and beverage industries, changing market dynamics dictate the need for flexibility in meeting complex regulatory and market-driven requirements. Issues range from ensuring ingredient compliance with global regulatory requirements and safety standards, labeling products in diverse markets, generating supplier suitability assessments and collecting information from various stakeholders in the supply chain. Managing these issues while delivering quality products in record time is critical, as are optimizing business processes across your enterprise and global supply chain.

Meeting these objectives is no easy task. 3E Company provides a central source of comprehensive and accurate compliance content solutions and services that can be easily managed and integrated into a flavor, food & beverage manufacturer's business processes. The results are increased levels of compliance, reduced risk and liability, and improved performance.

“Our products are not stagnant – we are constantly changing and improving – that’s the kind of company we are. We are always looking to be more productive and efficient. And we look for similar qualities in a partner. We look for someone that is cutting edge, and we’ve found that in 3E®. I sleep better at night knowing that 3E is constantly on guard for regulatory changes and developments."

-Steve Somers, CEO, Vigon International

Mitigating Supply Chain Risk

The demand for data transparency is insatiable and unavoidable. Understanding what products are made of, the regulatory status of products and components, and these products' origins form the basic building blocks for managing regulatory obligations, communicating to key stakeholders, and mitigating risk in your supply chain. The 3ESC Supply Chain Solutions™ can help you:

  • Gather information from upstream suppliers such as material disclosures, substance declarations, organic/kosher/halal/non-GMO certificates, certificates of origin and more
  • Respond to incoming customer surveys and inquiries while protecting confidential business information and trade secrets
  • Monitor new and emerging regulatory obligations and market trends and assess how they impact your products, suppliers or customers
  • Assure compliance and market accessibility for your products by identifying risk associated to products and suppliers
  • Analyze compliance status by supplier, raw material, product or obligation

Identify Compliance Requirements Early in the Product Development Lifecycle

While compliance affects the entire manufacturing organization, typically only a few individuals fully understand and are accountable for ensuring the requirements are met. Oftentimes those individuals are not the same ones responsible for launching the product and getting it on the market. The unfortunate situation many companies experience is developing the product only to find out shortly before the launch that it contains a restricted substance, resulting in a delay (or worse-- a recall). Ariel® regulatory content enables companies to quickly check the regulatory status of the ingredients in their formulation and find out if they are permissible in the end product application and use concentration. Users can:

  • Quickly identify problematic ingredients in multiple jurisdictions
  • Check alternative uses and concentrations
  • Research country regulatory requirements on labeling, nutritional claims, food ingredient standard and other important regulatory drivers

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Ensure the Safety of Your Products

Another potential point of failure in the product lifecycle is when the finished product is placed on the market without appropriate hazard communication documentation. While the assumption is often made that food and food-related products do not require an MSDS / SDS or label, it is often not the case. 3E can help make these determinations and then provide powerful and robust tools and services for executing a number of compliance related requirements, including:

  • Producing MSDS / SDSs and labels for finished products, including exposure scenarios and extended SDSs
  • Ensuring downstream customers receive / have access to your products' MSDS / SDSs and emergency response contact information
  • Facilitating appropriate classification or re-classification and labeling of substances to comply with GHS / CLP

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Manufacturers Are Also Users

Not only do food and flavor companies need to ensure the safety of their finished products, but the safety of their employees who are handling chemicals or hazardous substances in the workplace as well. In addition, regulatory professionals certainly find value in the ability to access information found on their raw material MSDS / SDSs when the time comes to document everything that goes into their finished products.

3E can alleviate much of the burden of maintaining vendor MSDS / SDS data by offering a highly secure web-based application with supporting services that include obtaining, indexing and maintaining MSDS / SDSs for all materials used in the manufacturing process.

Alternatively, 3E can feed robust document sets, including MSDS / SDS, compliance declarations, technical data sheets and material declarations directly into an existing EH&S, procurement, EMIS, or other system such as SAP, Enablon, BIOVIA (formerly ChemSW) CisPro, SciQuest or other OTC or custom system, which can significantly streamline the management of chemical data by centralizing it into a single repository. Centralizing data saves valuable time, increases efficiency and ensures consistency across the entire organization.

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Ensure Compliant Transport

As products are transported up and down the supply chain, ensuring compliance can be a challenge, especially for global companies. 3E can help you ensure products can be shipped using a preferred mode of transport or provide guidance to employees to ensure proper use of markings, labels and documentation. 3E can provide an emergency contact phone number to publish on your MSDS / SDSs or provide a phone number for your employees to call in the event of a spill or exposure.

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